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Discovering Landscapes in Purulia

Purulia is a district in the western part of West Bengal, sharing borders with Jharkhand and beaming with some hilltops and majestic valleys. Mornings here are simply magical and the fact that the weather is so serene in the heart of a state which is known to be quite hot will never fail to amaze you.

Lonely Trees, Purulia is filled with these

We stayed at Ayoddha Hill station and there, we were at the top most point of the hill. There are a lot of tourist attractions but I found the best landscapes in the morning just around the home we were in. The Sun rises just to the right of the house. There was a big forest exactly where we were staying and there were tribal people dancing to their own tunes and music at night.

We could also find a number of lonely trees around the valleys which acted as a huge minimalistic or subjective material for photos. There are a handful of water bodies as well, one is known as the Switzerland Point, and why not?

Purulia is one of the most offbeat and photogenic locations in West Bengal. Although they dont call it offbeat anymore but the crows here is quite less compared to other places and it still provides a lot of photographic opportunities.

Another Lonely Tree

Hope you enjoyed the blog and the photographs. Stay tuned for more.


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