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Subham Shome

Subham is a Fine-art Landscape and Travel Photographer from Kolkata, India.

He is into the world of photography for more than five years, in landscape photography for more than three years and have been teaching for more than a year now

His photographs have won International Awards and have been published and exhibited worldwide. This includes publications in Wikipedia, Landscape Photography magazine, Petapixel, 1X and many more.

Find more about Subham and the full list of his awards and accolades here.

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From the very basics of landscape photography to the advanced post-processing and research, Subham has it covered for you. 

You will be learning how to do research before going to a shoot at a location, and what to do when you are at the location, how to get the best out of your time there and other aspects of landscape photography that is to be done directly at the location. All you need is a bit of gears and a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to learn landscape photography.

In the post-processing sessions, you will learn how to edit images from scratch. It will be covered for both Adobe Lightroom CC (including Classic) and Adobe Photoshop CC along with Adobe Camera Raw. You will see a new universe inside Photoshop and you will be stunned by the magic a couple of tools can do in co-ordination there. Your photos will go from 'meh' to 'wow'!

There is another separate session for learning Adobe Photoshop only. Here, you will come in touch with the most advanced editing software in the world. From creating meaningful images to advanced digital composites, there is a lot of what you need to know for learning photo-editing.