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Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my portfolio. I am a 25 year old hobbyist fine-art landscape and travel photographer from Kolkata, India. The photography bug inside me was born at a very young age but it was nurtured long into my college days when I started to take up photography seriously. I started off as a street photographer but due to my affinity towards travelling and a magnificent connection with nature, I changed my genre to landscape photography. I have wanted to come as close to nature as possible ever since. Mountains are by far my favorite and taking advantage of the fact that I live about a few hundred kilometers from the Himalayas, I visit them quite often and most of those visits are for serious photography. I love taking photographs of ridges, peaks, waterfalls, and other mountain formations. However, this doesn’t stop me from going to the oceans, as the Bay of Bengal is even closer than the mountains in the other direction. Fine art came into being recently when I started to look into some of my old images and felt a kick towards creating something out of the world. With over fifteen years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, it was not very difficult to create visually attractive images.

I teach aspects of landscape photography and editing in 1-on-1 online sessions. If you would like to join one such session, click here or send me a mail at subhamshomephotography@gmail.com. Prints of my photographs are available for sale and ready to be shipped worldwide. If you would like to buy prints of any of my works, find the available list here. If you do not find any photo that you want and is not there in the store, send me a mail or contact me with the photo name or screenshot of the image.

Many of my photographs have won International Awards including Honorable Mention in ND Awards and have been published and exhibited worldwide. This includes publications in Google Books, Wikipedia, Landscape Photography magazine, PetaPixel, 1X and many more. See the full list down below. 


From the very basics of landscape photography to the advanced post-processing and research, Subham has it all covered for you. 

You will be learning how to do research before going to a shoot at a location, and what to do when you are at the location, how to get the best out of your time there and other aspects of landscape photography that is to be done directly at the location. All you need is a bit of gears and a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to learn landscape photography.

In the post-processing sessions, you will learn how to edit images from scratch. It will be covered for both Adobe Lightroom CC (including Classic) and Adobe Photoshop CC along with Adobe Camera Raw. You will see a new universe inside Photoshop and you will be stunned by the magic a couple of tools can do in co-ordination there. Your photos will go from 'meh' to 'wow'!

All the sessions are completely customized as per the user's feasibility, ease of access and time. Subham also does a lot of portfolio criticism where he will be analyzing and telling you how your portfolio looks and how it should stand in the crowd. For more details about all the sessions, click the button below.