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A Travel Fanatic and Nature Lover

Hi! I am Subham, a self-taught landscape and travel photographer from Kolkata, WB, India.

I had my first experience with a camera when I was very young but it was not until January 2017 that I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D3300. It was my trip to, Bhutan in September the same year that changed the way I used to photograph. My sole theme of photography became landscapes and since then, I have been researching and working on landscape photography. 

I have always been an admirer of nature and coming from a travel-loving family and having a group of childhood vagabond friends, I have covered a good portion of India and am planning to cover up all other states I haven't been to yet.


I am an avid mountain lover and being close to the Himalayas, I visit them often and spend my days there looking for new compositions. Other than landscapes and travel, I also have an appeal towards fine art, and I am currently working on creating fine art images of some animals and birds from my archive; I am looking forward to create fine art landscapes soon. 

You may check out The Gears that I am currently using for my photography work. I have been a Nikon fan since day one and have not changed yet, only have upgraded my kits.

My photos have given me international Accolades. I have been exhibited at a number of international galleries and my photos have been published in magazines across India and The World.

Selected Accolades

I am mostly active on my Instagram @subhamshomephotography, so you may ping me there anytime for a chat. You can also check out my photographic journeys in My Blog. If you would also like to click and process images like me, join my Workshops. I also click portraits of native people at the places I travel too. You will find a collection of the same here. I am currently a contributing photographer and writer for Tripoto Community. You will find my Tripoto profile here.

Photography is not my profession, its just an escape from my routine. I am an engineer at an IT firm. I love spending time with football, chess and guitar as well.

Interested to Work With Me?

Gopalpur 1.jpg