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Subham is a 26-year-old photographer hailing from Kolkata, India. Specializing in the captivating realm of landscape photography, Subham is dedicated to showcasing the magnificence of nature in its purest form. With a profound mastery of Photoshop, Subham not only captures breathtaking landscapes but also imparts his knowledge to individuals worldwide, enlightening them about the intricacies of landscape photography and the versatile software, Photoshop.

Subham's journey into the world of photography commenced in 2017 when he first embraced a camera. Fueled by an unquenchable wanderlust, he has forged an intimate connection with nature through his travels, whether it's the majestic mountains or the serene allure of beaches. As his horizons expand, Subham's exploration is set to encompass the global stage, commencing with his upcoming sojourn to Europe.

Subham's remarkable talents have garnered international recognition, with his works gracing publications and exhibitions around the world. His portfolio boasts numerous awards for both landscape and urban photography, a testament to his artistic prowess. Notably, Subham holds the esteemed distinction of being India's inaugural global brand ambassador for Hoya Filters.


Winner in 500PX 'Magic Hour' Quest

Featured in Capture With Nikon

Awarded Photographer in 1X - World's most exclusive curated Photo Gallery

Nominee in the 9th Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) 2022

Honorable Mention in ND Awards 2021

Blogs published in PetaPixel

Top 1% in 6th 35 Awards, 2021

Editor's Choice in NatGeo YourShot

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April - COG India 'Gulaal' Photo Exhibition, Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Kolkata, India

January - Sapixel Annual Photo Exhibition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
January - JPC 9th Annual Photo Exhibition, Jaipur, India

August - Sony Corporate Photography Virtual Exhibition
March - Kolkata Center for Creativity and Alipore Zoo, Kolkata, India


October - Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain
October - Fridge Gallery, Washington DC, United States
September - Studio Galerie B&B, Paris, France
August - Annual International Exhibition, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, Scotland


January - Nandan, Kolkata, India


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