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Not Such a Marshy Land

Location: Bortir Bil, West Bengal, India

This is a photoblog from my visit to Bortir Bil, which is roughly about an hour and a half's drive from my home. I went there with a couple of friends and some really talented photographers. I was not really prepared for this project as it had come all of a sudden.

Bortir Bil is supposed to be a marshland with water all around, but we went at a wrong time. There was almost no water. In the beginning, I could capture a farmer shifting jute stacks from one field to another, and a fisherman doing his job. Here are the images with my Nikon D750.

Magic happened later on. Around sunset, the sky started to show some magnificent colors and I went near a road surrounded by jute stacks and people carrying them in a vehicle as well. Here are the images.

Nikon D750, 1/80, f/7.1, ISO250, 10mm dx
Nikon D750, 1/160, f/7.1, ISO250, 10mm dx

Before the sky started to change colors, I could also capture a fishing net fallen in front of the other side of the road, and could create a frame where the net leads to a small bamboo structure with a cloud over it, making it look like a tree. Here is the image along with another jute stack image.

Now came the time to bring out my tripod and shoot some exposure blended images since the light was dimming at an accelerated rate. However, this did help me in getting some of my most favorite shots ever because of the majestic colors the sky started to render as the Sun went behind the clouds and eventually below the horizon. Here are all the exposure blended images, from golden hour to blue hour.

Nikon D750, 1/10, f/7.1, ISO100, 10mm dx
Nikon D750, 1/10, f/7.1, ISO100, 10mm dx
Nikon D750, 1/10, f/7.1, ISO100, 10mm dx
Nikon D750, 1/6, f/7.1, ISO100, 10mm dx

Finally, I ended the shoot day with a reflection of a jute stack on the smallest puddle of water I could find there. This image is also exposure blended with 3 frames.

Nikon D750, 1/5, f/7.1, ISO100, 10mm dx

So, yeah, that is all about my shoot day at Bortir Bil, a marshland where we didn't find much water but ended up with a lot of decent shots.

All images are clicked with Nikon D750 and two lenses - Tamron A035N 100-400mm lens and Nikkor 10mm dx lens, and processed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw. If you would like to learn processing from me, please check my 1-on-1 sessions.

Keep clicking, keep creating!


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