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Spending the Quarantine with Camera and Clouds

The deadly Covid-19 virus has been spreading havoc around the world and the whole of humanity is being forced to stay indoors for indefinite days, In India, its effects started from March and since then, until today (August), we have stayed indoors.

As a landscape photographer, it is really difficult to stay focused and work well due to lack of connection with nature. This is mostly because I stay at an urban location and the nearest nature park is a quite a few miles away from my home. However, due to lack of vehicles on the road and lack of pollution in the air, I have witnessed some majestic cloud plays and sunsets from my home itself. This blog is all about such clouds that have mesmerised me and have kept me a bit out of my misery during this lockdown! Enjoy the 'Clouds and Sunsets' show!

I hope this lockdown period gets over asap and we all are able to go out and live a normal life amongst nature.

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sayeri mukherjee
sayeri mukherjee
Oct 29, 2020

Woww... this is mesmerising

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