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Photographing the Pigeons of Hooghly Imambara

The Imambara or a Muslim congregation in Hooghly district is situated just beside the Hooghly river alongside the famous Jubilee bridge. Last week, when we went there, we had no expectation of what we were going to photograph. Our main aim was to capture the intriguing architectures and landscapes of the region. However, we ended up clicking the pigeons present inside the huge heritage building and what a brilliant sight it was.

"Wings of Fire"

There were at least 200 pigeons there. And every one of them were unique in their own styles. Some of them were just sipping water from a small fountain situated there, some were just playing and fooling around and a lot of them, in flocks were just flying and sitting together all around the site.

One of the Flying Flocks

We could also get some good timed shots with brilliant story-lines with them.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and the photos. Stay tuned for more such offbeat photographing subjects and locations in West Bengal.

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