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Photographing Perfect Reflections at Talberiya Dam

Well, its been such a long time since I had been out for photographing landscapes due to the Covid-19 pandemic situations. It was the second week of October that we, my family, friends and me, finally decided to get out of our city for a 2 night break, within a radius of 500-600 km. The places we decided are - Mukutmanipur and Jhilimili, a couple of places in Bankura district of West Bengal. Mukutmanipur is famous for its dam and Jhilimili is a small area covered in forests and having just one attraction nearby - The Talberiya Dam.

Talberiya Dam is a small dam, with respect to the other ones in the district, but in itself, its pretty huge, but that is not what is special about it. It is surrounded by high trees all around in small hills and it provides perfect reflections of these hills and trees. We visited it around sunset and found brilliant colours and lights.

Talberiya Dam - The Mirror

Yes, it was the fall season and we could find a wide range of autumn leaves on the trees across the dam and the scenery was magical.

We also got glimpses of particular trees that were standing out in the scenes and here are two examples of the same:

We could also find a particular green area of trees around the dam and in one of the trees, there was sunlight falling from a different direction. Here is the photo:

The Odd One Out

It was a beautiful experience and a long travel blog will be out soon. Till then, enjoy the rest of the photos, including one of my favourites of all time.

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