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Photographing Golden Hours at Puri

Puri, as we all Indians know, is the holy place of Lord Jagannath and is famous for Jagannathdham, or the Jagannath Temple. Jagannath is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Hindu God. Puri is also famous for its coastline on the Bay of Bengal and the beach of Puri is one of the most visited beaches in India. Hence, it is difficult to photograph any landscapes without humans in them, however, there a scope of a lot of minimalistic approaches with human subjects, especially at the Golden Hours.

Looking at the Horizon

I clicked this photo of a friend of mine at one of the fag ends of the beach, and away from any hotels or markets near it. Hence, I could get such emptiness around the shore. This was clicked during Sunset.

The Little Boy at Sunrise

Here is a photo of a little boy standing at the beach, watching the waves as they crash on the shore and just touch his feet, with the golden rays of the Sun lightening the waves up.

Golden Hours at Puri

Another try at capturing the sea without humans go in vain. There is a guy simply enjoying himself at the sea, even at Sunrise. Here, people don't need any time to bathe. That is the most enjoyable thing about this place.

A Camel sitting on the shore

And not just people, there are a lot of animals and they are a huge source of income for a good amount of population in Puri, as a tourist vehicle and attraction. Here is a camel, resting after a day's work at the beach (I bet they think its the desert and the sea is an mirage!).

A Fisherman watching the Sea

Last but not the least, here I could capture a fisherman looking towards the horizon and waiting for the next morning to arrive when he would again go fishing and earn his daily bread.


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