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Amongst Mist and River Rishi

So, this was in April last year. This year has been horrendous due to Covid-19 pandemic situations and all that I am doing is looking at my old photos. This blog is dedicated to the serenity of River Rishi in Rishikhola and its surroundings, which is absolutely magical. Also, there is a brilliant phenomenon that we have witnessed there. Coming to that at the end.

First I would like to describe the river. The word 'Khola' means river in local language there and Rishi is the name of the river, hence the place is called Rishikhola. It is situated on the border of West Bengal and Sikkim, rather one side of the river is West Bengal and the other side is Sikkim. But not much of a travel guide here, this is all about the beautiful river and the place.

River Rishi

The river has awesome turns and being the border between two states and only knee deep, we could easily cross the river and our resort also looked beautiful, it being the last resort (not literally) of the village. Here are a couple of photos of the river:

And now, about the phenomenon. What we saw there was rain overnight and in the morning, with the first rays of the Sun, we could see the moist weather drying up and the heavy water droplets forming clouds due to evaporation and it happened so quickly that we had almost missed it. I could capture some of the clouds there and there was also a small hut on the adjacent mountain and it proved to be a great subject to me. Here are the photos of the mist and clouds:

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