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Type: 1-on-1 Workshop
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: ₹ 1500 | $ 25


Hi! Welcome to my Workshop on Post-processing Essentials for Landscape Photography. How do we create that wallpaper finish or an image that sells or an award-winning image? Yes, we should click in RAW format, but why? How does the vast world of Adobe Photoshop narrows down to editing landscapes? Join me in my detailed 1-on-1 workshop where I will edit some of my images, and then, you will edit one of your images. It is going to be a session filled with fun and learning.

Topics to be covered:

  • Understanding Post-processing

  • Why is post-processing a 'must need' for Landscapes

  • Why click in RAW

  • Where to start processing a photo

  • Basic Mistakes in Post-processing and how to avoid them

  • Histograms - Curves, Levels and more

  • Color Grading


Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (or higher) with ACR 11 (or higher), Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (or higher)


This is an online workshop, to be taken place over Google Meet.

Cost: ₹ 1500 | $ 25

Booking Procedure:

Please click the button below to visit the Contact page. Mention, "Workshop 2 - Enquiry" as the subject line of your enquiry. Or, you may send me a mail to for booking a slot.