Landscape Photography Essentials - Composition and Technical Aspects


1-on-1 Workshop

2 hours

₹ 1000 | $ 15

Hi! Welcome to my Workshop on Landscape Photography Essentials. Ever wondered how the best landscape photos are taken? In this workshop, you will be learning how a frame is to be looked at. You will understand the basics of Landscape Photography from zero. Also, I will be covering Composition for Landscape Photography on a whole. I will be telling you during which time of the year and day a particular landscape can be shot. There will be information on various research you need to do before you go to the location and many more.


Topics to be covered:

  • What is Landscape Photography?

  • How to look at a scenery and create a long-lasting image

  • Using the Light around you

  • Technical details of cameras and their utilization in landscape photography

  • Landscape Photography Composition

  • Important Software/Websites for research

  • How to plan a shoot


Interest in Landscape Photography and any kind of camera


This is an online workshop, to be taken place over Google Meet.

Cost: ₹ 1000 | $ 15

Booking Procedure:

Please click the button below to visit the Contact page. Mention, "Workshop 1 - Enquiry" as the subject line of your enquiry. Or, you may send me a mail to for booking a slot.