Adobe Photoshop - Beginner's Course to the Most Advanced Photo Editing Software


Type: 1-on-1 Workshop
Duration: As per student's needs
Cost: $ 500 | $ 7 per hour

Hi! Welcome to my Workshop on Adobe Photoshop Beginner's Course. In this course, we will learn about the much rumored-to-be-difficult software Photoshop in a way that it will become very easy to us. We will go through all the basics of the software and the minimal workflow that a person needs in order to use it as a photographer. We must keep in mind that Adobe Photoshop is not meant just for photography, it has its usage in various other fields. In this workshop, we will concentrate only on the photography section of Adobe Photoshop.

Topics to be covered:

  • The Software and its look and feel

  • Interface setup for Photographers

  • Windows and Tools

  • Layers, Channels and Adjustment Panel

  • Basic Selection Techniques

  • Color Profile Management

  • Saving an image with best quality

and many more...


Adobe Photoshop (any version)


This is an online workshop, to be taken place over Google Meet.

Cost: $ 500 | $ 7 per hour

Booking Procedure:

Please click the button below to visit the Contact page. Mention, "Workshop 3 - Enquiry" as the subject line of your enquiry. Or, you may send me a mail to for booking a slot.